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Tinned Fish, or Conservas

Opening your pantry to find stacks of brightly covered tinned fish may be the foodie movement of the moment, but tinned fish, or conservas (as they are known in Portugal and Spain) have been a foodie staple for ages across the pond.

A far cry from the tinned fish often associated with cheaply canned tuna in water, conservas are cherished for their exceptional quality. Artisanal producers carefully select the finest fish, often sourced sustainably, and process them using traditional methods. The fish are cooked at the peak of freshness and hand-packed with precision, ensuring that every tin contains succulent and flavorful seafood.

many tinned fish cans on white background
Tinned Fish

Take, for instance, Jose Gourmet’s cod in olive oil and garlic. If this perfectly prepared, delicate, buttery white fish showed up on your plate at 5-star restaurant, you’d be convinced it was poached by a James Beard chef. If you’ve been eating tuna in a can your whole life and then you taste a really good tuna pâte, that’s a profound experience for an adult to have. It’s a real epiphany for people.

It's hard to say what is more fun...finding and buying tin after tin of colorful, bright and gorgeously packaged tinned fished or eating it! Right now, our two favorites are Jose Gourmet and Sardinha which you can find right in Maddex Mercantile.

A few of the best ways to enjoy are:

  • Conservas (Seacuterie) Boards - let us know and we will build one for you!

  • Pickled Veggies from Sweetfully Pickled + Soft Boiled Eggs + Tinned Fish

  • Sardines + Rustic Bakery Crackers + Dijon Mustard + Dill Pickles from Sweetfully Pickled

  • Niçoise Salad - swap out tuna for any tinned fish...we love lemon sardines

  • Udon Noodles + Chili Crisp + Tinned Fish

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