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get old fashioned...with Cane Craft Cocktails

Ladies and gentlemen, bon vivants and cocktail aficionados, it's time for a little time travel – but fret not, there's no need for any funky machinery. All you need is your taste buds, a dash of imagination, and our very own, Cane Craft Cocktails Old Fashioned made in house at Maddex Mercantile.

As we embark on a journey to the world of pre-prohibition cocktails, to a time when elegance was a prerequisite, and class was non-negotiable. Our destination? The world of the Old Fashioned, a concoction so rich in history that each sip feels like flipping through pages of a vintage cocktail book.

First off, let's pay our respects to the Old Fashioned, the granddaddy of all cocktails, the stalwart of the bar, the backbone of mixology. Without this classic cocktail, menus would be like a melody without rhythm, an artist without a canvas, a symphony without an orchestra. But fear not, cocktail lovers, for our Cane Craft Cocktails Old Fashioned ensures that this bar standard is always within your reach.

As you tear open your pack, allow the aroma of orange and bitters to envelope your senses. Can you almost taste it on your tongue, tangy and invigorating? Next, surrender to the sweet whispers of cherry and apricot, the rouge-cheeked damsels of our cocktail story, romancing your senses with their delicate allure.

Now, you're ready for the main act. Pick your favorite bourbon or whisky - a well-aged gentleman with stories to share or a rebellious young gun full of fire. Pour about 12 ounces (or a metric pint) INTO the Cane Craft Cocktail pouch, reseal, and give it a gentle swirl, now let the magic happen.

As you reseal, you're not just closing a're setting the stage for an age-old drama to unfold, a dance between spirit and sugar, a symphony of flavors conducted in the silence of your fridge. And then, you wait. Patience is key, for the greatest stories are told not in moments, but over time.

Now here's where you become the master of your own story. Allow your Cane Craft Cocktail to infuse for at least 12 hours. No need to peek, no need to prod...your cocktail needs its beauty sleep.

When the clock has ticked its last tock, gently strain your newly born Old Fashioned over a glass full of ice. The amber liquid, now dressed in the vibrant colors of fruit and bitters, dances in your glass like a memory come alive.

All that's left is to add a splash of club soda if you fancy some sparkle. But remember, this is your story, your cocktail. You can savor it as is, or add your own personal twist. Who knows, you might even fancy it with rye and a dash of sweet vermouth - a nod to the bustling streets of Manhattan, the city that never sleeps.

And there you have it, folks! A classic Old Fashioned, made your way, with Cane Craft Cocktails. It's more than just a cocktail; it's an experience, a story you tell one sip at a time. So what are you waiting for?

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